OLD - Bridges on Tramway

12501 Candelaria Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112

Property Highlights & Information

Hastings Entertainment vacated this 20,000 SF Tramway property in 2017 due to their Chapter 7 bankruptcy and resulting closure. The property that sits on 2.1 acres of land will be redeveloped into a multi-tenant retail center and aims to bring the entertainment just as Hastings once did. Construction on this project began on 03/01/2019. Delivery of the exterior renovations and finishes will be completed September 01, 2019 with tenant specific work to follow. Landlord aims to deliver all suites in a similar condition and will provide a Statement of Landlord Work to interested tenants that will detail delivery conditions. Suites shall share a common area hallway and share common restrooms. Utilities will be sub-metered but tenants will all pay a flat rate for gas, electric and water.

Available Opportunities

No Currently Available Opportunities

Demographic Information

Population (3m)100,360
Average Household Income (3m)$81,376
Traffic CountCandelaria Rd: 7,000 VPD (Source: STDB 2020)
Tramway Blvd: 29,349 VPD (Source: STDB 2020)



Daniel Kearney
Austin Tidwell, CCIM
Rob Powell, CCIM
Chief Executive Officer

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